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Mexico City Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage & Adoption

My daughter just forwarded me this article from CNN about how Mexico legalized not only same-sex adoption, but also same-sex marriage this past Monday in a Mexico City legislative vote.
The vote on adoption passed with a vote of 31 to 24, while the same-sex marriage vote passed with 39 to 20 votes. The vote will change the definition of marriage to be “between two people” versus the previous definition which was specifically between a man and a woman.
Mexico City is the second Latin American city to legalize same-sex marriage, the first was Buenos Aires back in November.   CNN Source

Wishing you a great Christmas and happy holidays!

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Raid Leaves Drug Boss Dead

President Calderon’s war on drugs has a major win when a recent raid on an upscale apartment complex with 200 Mexican navy marines ended in the death of Arturo Beltran Leyva. Leyva was dubbed the “Boss of Bosses” in the drug world. I found this article on MSNBC and it’s definitely worth checking out.

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CUERNAVACA, Mexico – Two hundred Mexican Navy marines stormed an upscale apartment complex and killed a reputed drug cartel chief in a two-hour gunbattle, one of the biggest victories yet in President Felipe Calderon’s drug war.

Arturo Beltran Leyva, the “boss of bosses,” and six members of his cartel died in the shootout Wednesday in Cuernavaca, just south of Mexico City, according to a navy statement Thursday.

The body of one cartel member was found on the ground outside the third-floor apartment, after he apparently committed suicide during the shootout.
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Economic Crisis in Mexico

I found an article on Friday that was talking about how Mexico is currently going through the worst economic crisis they’ve had since 1994. I found it intersting that the unemployment rate is much lower than that of the US, which is currently over 10%. However, there was good news in the article;  there will be a recovery (albeit slow) in 2010. An additional benefit to the slowdown in the Mexican economy is that real estate prices are low and now is a good time to buy.  Interest rates in Mexico are at the lowest rate ever for 30 year US Dollar loans. Hope you had a great weekend! The translated article is below.

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The translation is a little rough, but you should be able to get the idea:

The Mexican economy that has suffered the worst recession since 1994, played background in summer, and despite the fact that 8 % you go back in the set of 2009, will retrieve a 2.7 % next year and a 3.9 % by 2011, according to the Organization for economic cooperation and economic development (OECD).

In its six-monthly report of perspective, the OECD remains unchanged the figure had in June on the evolution of the gross domestic product (GDP) of Mexico for this year and minimally fixes (a tenth less) the of the growth by 2010.

Also maintains the explanation that the country has been affected by the collapse of the price of oil, the downturn of exports (particularly) (to us) and the economic effects of influenza A, which led to a annual contraction of the GDP of the 9.7 % in the second quarter of 2009.

Behind this is the collapse of the 9.7 % of domestic demand but envelope However, the collapse of foreign trade, which this year will be the 19.2 % for exports and the 23.1 per cent for imports.

For the immediate future, recovery will come gradually by 2010 of the hand of a revival of exports to the United States and the elevation of a barrel of crude oil, despite which the unemployment rate will grow and spend an average of the 5.7 % this year to a peak of the 6.5 % in the middle of the next year, to be reduced to a 5.9 % by 2011

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Hola everyone! I’ve been taking some pictures during my stay down here in beautiful Puerto Vallarta, and I just wanted to share a few of my favorites with you. Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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Sunrise PVThis is the scene I wake up to every morning
sunrise_Vallarta_094The La Cruz Marina viewable from our third floor
2009_pictures_thru_091022_8122009_pictures_thru_091022_8252009_pictures_thru_091022_837This is what I see from my office

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New Museum in Puerto Vallarta

Found this great article on the Guadalajara Reporter. Hope you had a good weekend!
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A major tequila company has commissioned renowned architect Frank Gehry to design a museum in Puerto Vallarta to house its growing collection of Mexican art.

Frank Gehry, the creator of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, will put his stamp an an art museum in Vallarta.
Frank Gehry PV Museum

The Jose Cuervo Foundation owns around 150 works by contemporary artists such as Francisco Toledo, Leonora Carrington, Juan Soriano and Manuel Felguerez.

Cuervo directors say construction of the museum could begin as early as next year but have refused to comment on how much it would cost.

Foundation representative Ercilia Gomez called Gehry “a titan of architecture” and said he has experience in designing similar sized spaces in Europe.

Cuervo began to assemble its collection of contemporary Mexican paintings in the mid 1990s, buying around five works a year.  Some of the artists whose work the company purchased have also designed silver bottles, or wooden bottle cases, for the foundation’s Tequila 1800 collection.  These will be also be displayed in the new Vallarta museum.

Gomez suggested the museum is likely to assume iconic status and become “a pivot” for tourism development in the state of Jalisco.

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Historic Interest Rate News in Mexico

Good news! There has been a 1% decrease in interest rates for 30 year mortgage loans in Mexico. Therefore it is an excellent time to purcahse a property here in Mexico. Here is what is so shocking; this is the first ever decrease on interest rates!

This happens to be what I do, so please contact me for more information if you, or anyone you know is looking to buy in Mexico.

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Era of the Aztecs- A CNN Video

Hey everyone, just wanted to share this quick video about the “Era of the Aztecs”. The British Museum is offering a flimpse into the lives of the Aztecs via this CNN video. So enjoy it! Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Embedded video from CNN Video

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Mexico Continues To Clean Up The Drug Situation

Hello everyone, I’m coming to you live from beautiful La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. I’ve been here for about two weeks now and I have to say, the rainy season is definitely my favorite time of year to come. For those of you who don’t know what the rainy season is, think of it like Hawaii, gorgeous weather but you can count on rain almost every afternoon or evening. It really helps to break up the heat and keeps the vegetation looking amazing. I will post some pictures soon of our house down here. Hope you’re having a great day, now on to the news:
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Columbian and Mexican officials working with the US announced Monday that they have siezed about $41 million in cash hidden in shipping containers, according to the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency.

The U.S. agency, commonly called ICE, said the seizures were made September 9-18 of this year. ICE said it was the largest seizure of cash ever found in shipping containers destined for Colombia from Mexico, and the largest seizure for the agency since its creation.

Hard to conduct “business” without money, so all good news here!

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Support Hurricane Jimena Disaster Relief Efforts in Baja California Sur

On Wednesday, September 2, 2009, Hurricane Jimena hit the coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, causing major water damage to homes, loss of electricity, and lack of clean water.

The International Community Foundation is partnering with the Mexican Red Cross to support disaster relief efforts in Baja California Sur caused by Hurricane Jimena. The Red Cross has determined that the greatest needs are found in Lopez Mateos, Campo Rene, Santa Rosalia, and Mulege. In addition, land access has been cut off from many small villages and ranches.

Donations for disaster relief will assist the Red Cross in distributing survival food boxes, water, clothing, tarps, and medical supplies.

For more information on Hurricane Jimena:…/n1310350.htm

To make a tax-deductible donation, please click here

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Hurricane Jimena

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A Peaceful End To Hijacking

Thankfully, everyone was safely evacuated from the plane yesterday. Five men were taken into custody by armed Mexican guards.

Jose Flores Pereira, one of the suspects, claimed to be acting on a mission from god – briefly holding a plane full of hostages in Mexico.

The priest threatened to blow up more than 100 passengers and crew onboard the Aero México flight before he was detained by the authorities.

He said he wanted to warn the world of an impending earthquake.

That’s all the news on this as of now. Hope you’re having a great day.

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