Posted by: mexiconewsonline | August 10, 2009

Obama Arrives in Mexico for Summit

President Obama arrived in Guadalajara, Mexico and greeted Carlos Pascual, the US ambassador to Mexico, for the Cumbre de Lideres de America del Norte summit. The summit has been an annual occurance for the past four years and focuses on strengthening ties and relations set up via NAFTA.

Obama in Mexico

The summit also acts as a catalyst to address hot topic issues such as; immigration, swine flu, and trade. Immigration was indeed brought up this time. However, it was not so much about Mexican’s entering the US… as it was about Mexican’s entering Canada.

“Too many Mexicans, the Canadian government complained, are fraudulently claiming political asylum in Canada, overwhelming the system. So Canada announced last month that it would begin requiring Mexican citizens to secure visas before entering the country, a decision that elicited outrage in Mexico.”

Mexicans struck back by saying that Canadian diplomats and government officials were now required to obtain visa’s before entering Mexico. Mexican lawmakers urged President Calderon to make the same requirement for all Canadian visitors. This was shot down by Calderon as he was afraid it would damage Mexico’s tourism industry.

Drugs, torture and Honduras were all topics discussed at the summit. For more information, check out the article written by Ginger Thompson and Marc Lacey for the New York Times.

-Doug Jones


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