Posted by: mexiconewsonline | August 12, 2009

Drug Trafficking Continues In Prison

Mexican prisons have become a bustling place for the drug business. Those who are in, are using the prisons as places to continue their criminal empires, recruit underlings, and eventually bribe their way out of prison when the price is right. In fact, the system is so corrupt, that the Mexican government is extraditing record numbers of drug traffickers to the United States where they find it harder to carry on their drug business or intimidate witnesses.

 The US as part of a counter narcotics program is pledging $4 million to help train Mexican guards at the prisons to establish moral and ethical guidelines that separate them from the people they guard.

 The reason? Mexican prisons are having a hard time keeping their prisoners in their cells. This past weekend, a suspected drug trafficker broke out from a Sinaloa prison during a party for inmates featuring a Mexican country music band. This past May, video surveillance recorded a mass walk out of inmates from a prison in Cieneguillas, Mexico while the guards looked on allowing the whole thing to take place. After the inmates escaped in cars marked as police, the cops feigned interest and drew their weapons for the cameras.

 The Mexican government is planning to begin separating drug traffickers from other inmates in the hopes that they will have less of an opportunity to abuse the system. This is difficult though, as Mexican prisons already find themselves cramped, and often over capacity.

 This information was gathered from a New York Times article for more information, or to read the article, go to;


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