Posted by: mexiconewsonline | October 26, 2009

New Museum in Puerto Vallarta

Found this great article on the Guadalajara Reporter. Hope you had a good weekend!
-Doug Jones
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A major tequila company has commissioned renowned architect Frank Gehry to design a museum in Puerto Vallarta to house its growing collection of Mexican art.

Frank Gehry, the creator of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, will put his stamp an an art museum in Vallarta.
Frank Gehry PV Museum

The Jose Cuervo Foundation owns around 150 works by contemporary artists such as Francisco Toledo, Leonora Carrington, Juan Soriano and Manuel Felguerez.

Cuervo directors say construction of the museum could begin as early as next year but have refused to comment on how much it would cost.

Foundation representative Ercilia Gomez called Gehry “a titan of architecture” and said he has experience in designing similar sized spaces in Europe.

Cuervo began to assemble its collection of contemporary Mexican paintings in the mid 1990s, buying around five works a year.  Some of the artists whose work the company purchased have also designed silver bottles, or wooden bottle cases, for the foundation’s Tequila 1800 collection.  These will be also be displayed in the new Vallarta museum.

Gomez suggested the museum is likely to assume iconic status and become “a pivot” for tourism development in the state of Jalisco.


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